Gratitude 33

I’ve never been so happy paying my rent in my entire life of staying in a rented abode. Since there was this new staff of the agency who collected my rent that also happen to be crazy over ” Stitch ” , a Disney character. She had this pen which tip is of Stitch’s miniature. It was so cute that I couldn’t help but notice with lust of taking it ( evil grin ) . I pointed it out in my delight and she chuckled in response and then a light bulb pops up over head; she remembered that she had another pen with Stitch on it. 

And boom…. 

She hand this over to me.. a total stranger .. in fact it was my last time paying my rent since I’m moving out.. she knew that it was going to be a parting gift and yeah, parting gift it is…however ,I will always remember such kindness.. that reminded me that it’s not really what people give that matters, it’s what they left in you. 

What about you? What are you leaving into the people you hang around with? 

Do you leave something behind that every time they see it or a memory of you flashes, they will smile and whisper.. “I miss that person. “

Gratitude 32

What do you do when someone who loves you so much wakes up early and with a lot of effort fashionably make these ? ……

Well, I turned to the boy in me and gave her a million hug! And of course took pictures to immortalize the moment! 

So grateful for my significant other… so much.. and to add to my delight, it was so delicious that I almost forgot my name! So in response, this happened……

Kind of before and after selfies yah know… (chuckles) 

Indeed , the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And in response to that adage, I think the best way to a woman’s heart is eat with all your might the food that she prepared! And make her know that you appreciate her!

So salute to all who prepare meals for their love ones.. who walk the second mile to make sure we have something on the table.. whether you know it or not, you will always be remembered. 

From the bottom of our tummy and heart (smiles ) , Thank you very much. 

Gratitude 31

Thank God for the gift of rest! I was able to get some really good sleep today , I mean, real and long slumber. I thought I wouldnt be able to get up from the bed but well, I still needed to answer some call of nature you know ? It’s always good to have a day off when you dont any work at all and just relax. Play some games or stroll around downtown or uptown.

Now speaking of relaxation, I also had a real good massage today. It’s true that I paid through the nose getting it having it set a weeks ago with my masseur but it was all worth it. Had some great laughs and exchange some stories that truly inspired me and made me forget all the stress that I had accumulated throughout the week.

Finally, after the massage I went to have dinner at my favorite restaurant when I received a very great news from our manager who received it first hand from the upper management.  It was a “job well done” message in the project we are curently in. It’s quite a challenging one since our client was just trying out our services at the moment but boy, they truly were glad to have us . I’m so grateful to God, colleagues and the management’s support all throughout the course.


Gratitude 30

Got a chance to speak to a professional Jazz singer today and it was an awe-strucking moment from the beginning till the last minute. The way she carried herself and the way she spoke was like a well played piece of music. A masterpiece if you will. I was definitely blown away by her “Haki“. With 30 years of experience and still kicking, those are enough facts for me to admire her. And of course, she gave me pieces of advice with which I could learn from and apply it on my chosen genre. I hope someday, I could be a good mentor like her.

Second thing I was grateful for today was the nice weather. I just loved it so much. Cool and comfortable. A bit breezy yet soothing . I enjoyed walking around while listening to music this afternoon.  Such moments were rare these days for me since I have taken up some responsibilities at work. I really thank God for the opportunities to get short breathers in between.

Lastly, I got to sit down on our manager’s chair tonight listening to him while giving a demo. I didnt have the exact words to really convey my feelings but I was sure that I was pretty overwhelmed. Having that atmostphere of where I want to be in the future was priceless. Takes your breath away for a while. And of course,his demo was top of the line. Certainly I need more experience and training but that glimpse of the future was enough for me to keep on moving forward .

When was the last time you’ve surrounded yourself with people who are in the position that you wanted to be in? At times we complain that we arent where we wanted to be because people didnt do such and such.. the economy is such and such.. my neighbor is such and such.. Maybe, this is a good time to assess the people you surround yourself with. As Jim Rohn had said, you are the average of the five people  you spend time with.

As the old saying goes, ” Tell me who your friends are , and I will tell you who you are.

Gratitude 29

Received a phonecall from my significant other last night about this man who suddenly stopped her at the train station and wanted her to hook up with him. I was bewildered by such report and immediately I didnt want her out of my site anymore. Thankfully she got home safely and in one piece.

There’s no more ‘safe’ place in this world . I know that there are many people who say that Japan is one of the safest places in the world to live in but I dare challenge them to live here and experience what is like to be here.

My point is, every country has its own pros and cons. I love this country and so is the Philippines but of course, there are still those things I still can’t swallow. I guess I’ll do the rennovation of this world when I get my own planet ! But for now, I am grateful that we are a lot safer than the time during the world wars. I honestly can not imagine living in such a time of turmoil, chaos and death all around.. Such a heartbreaking environment to live in.

So in response, let’s be thankful with the peace that we have achieved so far. I think we should be grateful for those who sacrificed their lives for us to have this life we now have. I bet those people dreamt of these progress we are enjoying although some people would disagree with me, but when you truly look back, we are not where we used to be and that is something to be grateful for.

Gratitude 28

I was working at a cram school when it suddenly rained and I didn’t have an umbrella. I was hesitant to go out from the building and battle my way to the train station assuming that I was waterproof, when suddenly, this nice security guard smiled and gestured to wait. He got into his booth and got me an umbrella! Wow!  I’m so grateful. We couldn’t talk to each other at all.. I know nothing of any Japanese phrases to save me that moment the rain and so was he, yet somehow.. he understood the situation and took some actions. I was really blessed. 

I almost forgot, I was also blessed to listen to one of my colleagues talk about volunteer work to some developing countries. There are only a handful of people who would voice out these kind of things these days.. most people I heard of was focusing their lives to make a living which was not bad at all,  but here comes someone who look past the norm and saw some opportunities to serve one’s society . I’m glad to be working side by side with these kind of people. 

So tonight, we got together with some ordinary peaps with an extraordinary mission to reach  thousands of souls in some developing countries. It was really something Im so grateful for and couldn’t really imagine myself leading such cause. I am so beside myself! So amazed on how things indeed work together for the good. 

Gratitude 27

Thank God for a long and satisfying hibernation ! I woke up today feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a long week at work. Grateful for the gift of rest. So often we think of rest as the goal of life but I have found out that it’s a necessity to keep going. That’s why in the Ancient Scriptures, God made the heavens and the earth for 6 days and He blessed the 7th as the rest day. This could mean both ways, we should make rest a priority but we should only rest long enough.

The second thing I did today and was grateful for was going to the gym. Why am I so grateful about it? well, the facilities were really good and the people were nice and it’s so close to my place. On top of everything, I am glad that I could workout..  To me that’s a gift from above. The opportunity to lift.. to breathe deeply.. the adrenaline.. the feeling of being alive… I’m so blessed..

Finally, as a celebration.. I went to a very nice Thai restaurant close to our office.. Service was excellent and the food was top of the line. I couldnt ask for more ! The blessing of food and rest.. the reward of life and more.. Such blessings that usually are overlooked by the business of life…


Grilled Chicken! My favorite!


Pad Thai! One of the best cuisines on earth!